The Idea for Azima Exclusive was born at a wedding in the summer 2017, where whimsical romance glided on the sunrays over the French Riviera. Whilst designing a dress for the occasion, Azima Musayeva became enchanted by the delicate touch of the lace collar and lost herself to the unique beauty of the fabric. She began to wonder about its decorative and evocative qualities and how lace could stand alone as a separate embellishment for all outfits. 
Based in the UK, Azima Exclusive specialises in high-end women's accessories, in particular lace collars and cuffs. Each item is hand-crafted and limited, produced with the best quality lace sourced from Europe. They add exquisite detail to an outfit, peeping through a sleeve or refashioning a simple neckline. The designs flirt with traditional and contemporary fashions, highlighting the sensual areas of the neck and wrists. They marry Elizabethan drama and the seductive elegance of femininity throughout time.
Azima Musayeva Azima Exclusive
Azima Musayeva, Founder and Creative Director
With a background in the world of London finance, Azima understands the challenge of the modern woman to seamlessly transform from busy days to glamorous nights. A romantic at heart with an eye for beauty and style, she wanted to create accessories that reinvent even the simplest outfit. The power of femininity is at the heart of her business and a constant inspiration for her limited edition pieces. She looks to the queens of the past, the elegance of European style and the luxury of unique design to unleash confidence, individuality and style in the modern woman.