International Women's Day

On the 8th March, it is with pride that at Azima Exclusive we will be celebrating International Women's Day. Whilst recognising our formidable forerunners, from Joan of Arc to Emiline Pankhurst, Boudicea to Queen Victoria, we want to venerate the modern woman for her inner strength and resilience to the challenges she fights today. This is the era of the do-it-all woman who hustles a job, raises a family, does yoga, writes a blog and still has time to socialise under the excitement of city lights. So, as women, lets unite together to congratulate ourselves for the achievement we have accomplished and spread our confidence for the battles yet to come.

Here, we invite you to thank the inspiring women in your life and take the time to recognise your own power and progress. We have chosen our top pick of lace-laden gifts to empower the modern women and to take you, or your inspirational friend, from busy days to sparkling, self-assured nights. 

1. Collar "Mathilde"         £300
This collar combines lace and jewellery, it will make your outfit gloriously unique and ready to steal the show.

2. Cuffs "Catherine"        £270
Put on these jewellery cuffs to add unique feeling to your look.

3. Cuffs "Madeleine"  £220
Put on these delicate cuffs for that final flourish.

4. Cuffs "Angelina II"     £290
These jewellery cuffs will add glamour and elegant extravagance to any outfit.














5. Cuffs "Clotilde"        £280
These jewellery cuffs will add smart elegance to an outfit with a look that exudes French chic.

6. Collar "Saleha"    £270
This collar will add monochrome beauty to an outfit with delicate white lace and embellishments that make it confidently original and exude stylish flair outfit.